JAI BHAGWATI ENTERPRISES is a growing young company, based in the Industrial Township of Navi Mumbai, Turbhe, within the the heart of Navi Mumbai TTC Industrial area.
The Founder, Mr. Prashant Prabhu, established the company in the year of 2010 ( formarly known as Jai Bhagwati Engineering ) in the TTC industrial zone Turbhe, in order to cater to the vast Navi Mumbai MIDC zone located on Thane-Belapur TTC area. On the basis of immense quality and reliability, later it spread its presence throughout industries in India as well as Middle east within the decade and finally renamed as Jai Bhagwati Enterprises in 2017 with JB-HYDRA being proven product brand.
The Ever Growing, ever evolving team around Mr. Prashant Prabhu is thorough technical and extremely experienced. Furthermore the team is motivated to accomplish projects that surpass their previously set records and set newer benchmarks for themselves as well as the Indian industry. Mr. Prashant Prabhu a Mechanical Engineer by profession and being served in Indian Air Force earlier as Hydraulic specialist of MIG-27, acquired profound knowledge of Mechanics, Hydraulics and Fabrication altogether. Under guidance of him, the team has achieved success in most challenging Fabrication jobs, Machining of Critical components, Servicing of heavy Industrial hydraulics, Automation, Manufacturing of Swaging Dies, Diversified services like Controlled Bolting, Laser Alignment services, Production of Bolting tools, Heavy Tonnage Jacks upto 3000 Ton for Pile Testing of Soil, Hydraulic Powerpacks, Test Bench, Storage Tank Lifting Jacks etc.
With our presence in the global market, we further aim at increasing our reach and providing end-to-end solutions to the nationwide industry.

In early 2015, we set yet another benchmark for ourselves by machining a specially designed spray nozzle for ALSTOM heat exchanger equipment, having very critical design with Circular blind groove of 10mm width within Peripheral OD of 100 mm and 150 mm deep successfully by adapting special machining procedure.
We have taken up such many more such challenges of machining components and fixtures for critical applications for various Industries. This is considered to be our leading principles in the company's philosophy.


A propeller shaft drive line may consist of different parts depending on ship design; Drive shaft, bearing support, stern tube, gearbox, motor, and couplings. You usually want to align the components in a straight line.


Hydraulic Jacks & Cylinders for all type from lifting cylinders till Pile testing Jacks upto 3000 ton capacity with Hydraulic Powerpack. All Flange management tools, Hydraulic Press, Jacks, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pumps, Hydraulic Powerpack systems, Hydraulic Puller, Nut splitter, Mobile floor cranes, Jib Cranes


We have supplied customized tools tackles and industrial equipments like trolly, Mobile crane, Jib crane etc to almost all type of industrial sectors including Steel, Power, Wind, Mining, Marine, Cement, Construction etc.